Food Matters Live 2020, 13-14 October, virtual event


O.T.C Beverages Limited

OTC Beverages produce organic and naturally flavoured Ginger Beer and Sorrel soft drinks, in a still and sparkling version. We were established in 2018.

Our Story began in 2017 where the idea to start a beverage company was born at my father’s 80th Birthday party where I saw my father dance for the last time. My father suffers from Parkinsons.
I decided I wanted to create something, that was recession proof, something people can drink every day and tasted great, to thank my parents for all the hard work they have put into laying a foundation for the family since landing in the United Kingdom back in the 1950'.

The journey to creating the brand, started with the name and the design. OTC has several meanings, one of which is Organic Traditional Concoctions. Please check out the website for the other meanings or come see me at my stand.

Once I identified the team of beverage makers I wanted to work with, I was hands on in the lab all the way along the process of creating the beverages. In addition, I completed extensive amount of research on the bottles, design of the label and packaging, so I can speak confidently about the make up and content of my product.

My reason for choosing Ginger Beer and Sorrel is that both these ingredients have plant based medicinal benefits. As mentioned, the ingredients are organic and natural, including the sugar. To address the sugar, I went with organic cane sugar as I did not want to use a sugar alternative. Its not something that I am familiar with, and despite sugar getting a bad name in the press, I believe that everything in moderation is the best approach.

Our next addition to the brand will be a canned version of sparkling GingerBeer and Sorrel. It will be sold in a 250ml can and will have the same refreshing and nourishing taste.

Lastly, with today' millennials and the next generation starved of time, I am certain, they will not be making Gingerbeer and Sorrel the way my parents and my Grandmother made it back in the day. They just want to 'grab and Go'. In my opinion and again from feedback received from our consumers, both the still and sparkling versions of the gingerbeer and sorrel, will have the taste of homemade caribbean drinks, which is music to my ears as this is what I wanted to achieve. The drinks can be enjoyed at Christmas and Easter as a seasonal non-alcoholic drink to enjoy at Halloween, with Thanksgiving or Christmas Turkey.