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At Nutrilicious we offer a variety of high quality and great tasting Organic products.

Organic Coated Pumpkin Seeds – Superfood Snacks
Everyone loves chocolate but not the guilt that comes after eating it. Enjoy chocolate in a healthy way with our organic coated pumpkin seeds.

We offer 4 flavours:
• milk chocolate
• dark chocolate
• white chocolate
• spicy

Our products are:
• High in protein (26% +), fibre (6.4% +) and a variety of minerals & vitamins
• Lower in carbohydrates/sugar (all under 10%) compared to many ‘healthy’ snack brands

They’re all Gluten Free & Guilt Free.

Organic Vegan Protein Powders
We offer 4 types of very high quality vegan protein powders that are all cold milled to preserve all the fantastic goodness!
• Organic Raw Pumpkin Seed Powder – 65% protein
• Organic Raw Sunflower Seed Powder – 53% protein
• Organic Raw Flaxseed Powder – 35% protein
• Organic Toasted Pumpkin Seed Powder – 59% protein

They’re a fantastic source of a variety of minerals and vitamins and can be used in conjunction with smoothies, juices, cereal and even baked goods. Did we mention they taste great too!

All our products are produced in Europe so you can be sure that they meet the highest quality standards!

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