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Nutricol are a marketing led, sales and distribution business, providing nutritional ingredient solutions to manufacturers in the UK and European market. We are representing GELITA at Food Matters Live to support the promotion of their bioactive collagen peptides into the UK/Irl marketplaces of food, beverage and supplements. Gelita’s market defining research will benefit weight loss, sports nutrition, beauty and joint health categories.

Within the range of collagen proteins, GELITA supplies collagen peptides with proven body-stimulating capabilities and tailor-made gelatines. In today’s landscape of highest consumer demands, manufacturers of food products and dietary supplements rely on natural, healthy, non-allergenic ingredients for their developments. Collagen proteins from GELITA fulfil all of these requirements and are foodstuffs in their own right (no E-number). They also possess a set of unique technical and physiological properties.

Collagen peptides enable manufacturers to add specific health aspects. GELITA has intensified its research in developing solutions for this important market segments:

Physical mobility with FORTIGEL®, bone stability with FORTIBONE®, beauty from within solutions for nutricosmetics with VERISOL®, optimized body composition with BODYBALANCE™, and finally GELITA® RXL the special gelatine for reduced cross-linking in gelatine capsules.

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