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Nut Power


Nut Power is a new, exciting and unique organic nut based food and drinks brand, launching Autumn 2019,
aiming to attract a new generation of consumers to the sectors with brand vibrancy, a clear message and fabulous products, whilst also promoting the fantastic health benefits of organic foods, especially nuts..

Our target consumers are health conscious individuals with a focus on gym users, runners, cyclists, vegetarians etc.

Nut Power Nutshakes are different!
Unlike traditional nut drinks, Nutshakes retain the nut within the drink and use real milk, which greatly increases the protein, fibre and vitamin levels, producing a deliciously creamy taste and texture.
Nutshakes are an organic blend of nuts, milk and hint of date syrup, offering a fabulously healthy way to add natural protein and energy to your day. Great for both pre and post workout.

Nut Power Bars are absolutely full of nutty, nutritious organic goodness, with all four bars being vegan and containing 50% nuts.
Joyfully named Chewy Cashewy, Nutastic, Cherry Good and Bananaroma, our bars are perfectly balanced for your daily shot of natural protein and energy, whilst on the go and contain no added sugars, artificial additives, powders or preservatives.

As an advocate of organic foods, a vegetarian and gym user, Nut Power founder Dean Kennedy avoided processed, protein powder products, but found healthy, natural high protein products to be limited in choice and so Nut Power was born.

Nut Power are members of the Soil Association and donate to Tree Aid.

To gain a good insight into Nut Powers brand presentation, USP's and products, please visit our website: