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‘NUSWEET – sustainable enjoyment with no regrets.’

Since 2015, German company NUSWEET has been developing innovative products with coconut sugar that enable sustainability in society and the environment as well as a healthy, sustainable diet. The idea of NUSWEET is to transfer the low glycaemic index of our coconut sugar to innovative, environmentally safe and sustainable products. What’s unique: Scientific medical research and FAIRTRADE certification.

The farmers in our cooperative and the environment both benefit from sustainable, organic cultivation methods. NUSWEET thus combines social and environmental responsibility with a scientific background to provide sustainable enjoyment. NUSWEET’s sugar alternatives are designed for healthy snacking. They are gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, an alternative to refined foods and are therefore wholesome, uncomplicated and simply delicious.

Product listing

NUSWEET Chocolate Spread Classic.jpg

Nusweet Chocolate Spread Classic

NUSWEET Gourmet Drinking Chocolate Powder.jpg

Nusweet Gourmet Drinking Chocolate

NUSWEET Kinder Drinking Chocolate With Coconut Sugar.jpg

Nusweet Kinder Drinking Chocolate with Coconut Sugar

NUSWEET Coconut Sugar Fairtrade.jpg

Nusweet Coconut Sugar Fairtrade

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