number 1

beauty brand partners
puerorum house
26 great queen street

beauty brand partners present an energy drink and two gourmet snack bars, designed to support modern, active lifestyles. sleek, sophisticated and with a dynamic edge, these #1 products come beautifully packaged to reflect today’s aspirations for a well–balanced life.

with ingredients sourced from naturex the focus is on responsibly produced plant botanicals, designed to actively support and promote good health in three delicious new products...

launched in september 2017 the #1drink is a sparkling lemon & lime, zero calorie 250mls, loaded with energy enhancing ginseng & natural caffeine, b vitamins and biotin to promote healthy skin, nails and hair - vegetarian and vegan too.

launching in january 2018 the #1bar in cherrytart (cherry & yoghurt) and chocomel (chocolate & caramel), combine protein rich, energy– enhancing ingredients, using natural maltitol rather than artificial sweeteners, they are low in both sugar and calories while being high in vegetable protein, thanks to their puffed, soya crispie content.

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