14 E rue Pierre de Coubertin
Parc d’activité Mirande.

Nopalnutra, a young French start-up company, was founded in 2015 in Dijon, at the heart of the Burgundy region, in order to reveal and share secrets of remarkable plant grown in the mediterranean terroire :Nopal Cactus Pear.

As a true specialist of nopal cactus pear, Nopalnutra combines its complementary expertises to create unique, high-quality products to be marketed in the world: foods, drinks, dietary supplements and cosmetics.
Special attention is brought to social responsibility and respect for the environment. From the plantation in Tunisia to the packaging plant in France, Nopalnutra is strongly committed to controlling its products’ full production chain with a sustainable development approach with local farmers. Respect, quality, accountability and honesty are the key words to describe the company’s philosophy.

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