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Nooj is a smooth and creamy cashew or almond paste, containing over 60% nuts with only water and a little salt. It’s extremely versatile, packed full of goodness and easy to store in your fridge. A squeeze of nooj adds instant nutritional oomph, creates delicious drinks, the creamiest curries, perfect porridge, sumptuous smoothies and fillings of all kinds. It’s a true dairy-free delight. Added straight from the pack or blended with water (hot or cold) until you have the consistency you desire, nooj can be customised to meet your requirements. It’s easy, you choose how you like it.

Nooj is different too, it contains all of the nut, nothing is wasted or filtered out, just processed carefully to retain all of the flavour, fibre and nutrients of the whole nut with less waste created, less water used. The result is a delicious and nutritious alternative to the alternatives.

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Almond nooj

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Cashew nooj