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Launched in 2010, H2coco was one of the first companies to bring coconut water to Australia.

Since then we've continued to lead the way in innovation and quality.

We only ever use 100% natural ingredients from accredited suppliers that we visit personally.

Our coconut water is packaged directly from source for maximum purity and shelf life.

The result is a premium coconut water that delivers real taste and real health benefits.

H2coco's drive and passion to fulfil that mission has led to the creation of dairy free chocolate milk and iced coffees and healthier options for lunchboxes, and has brought the creation of H2melon and H2nana.

Leading the way and driving change whilst staying true to our values is what H2coco is all about.

We now export to over 13 countries around the world from our head office in Sydney, as well as being stocked in 7,000 stores in Australia.

Real Choice. Real Values. Real Taste.
Real Health. Real Innovation.

Product listing

H2 Pure Pink Coconut Water – 1 LTR & 280ml PET 250.png

H2 Pure Pink Coconut Water – 280ml & 1LTR

H2melon 500ml & 1 LTR.250.png

H2melon 500ml & 1 LTR

H2 Melon 3 x 200ml.250.png

H2 Melon 3 x 200ml

H2nana 300ml PET.250.png

H2nana 300ml PET