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Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum

Address: 20 Pindou str, 42200, Kalambaka, Greece
Tel: +30 2432024959
Fax: +30 2432024001

We are one of the few private Mushroom Museums in the world. We were led to its creation by our love for mushrooms, as well as by our desire to highlight their nutritional value which, is our main goal. For that reason, we have created a product range of approximately 75 mushroom and truffle products.

Being a Mushroom Museum, our knowledge about mushrooms is excellent. This knowledge leads us to the best selection of raw materials, to the ideal combination of ingredients and ultimately to delicious products with high nutritional value. In other words, WE ARE MUSHROOM EXPERTS!

The packaging of our products bares the Museum’s logo. This demonstrates prestige and reliability, as no Museum would compromise its reputation by creating low quality products.

Our knowledge about mushrooms is daily elaborated through our cooperation with the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the University of Thessaly. Through this cooperation, the appearance, taste and aroma of our products have been improved and their nutritional value increased. This collaboration is mentioned in all products’ information and reinforces the high quality of our products.

Product listing

1. Oak honey with Ganoderma.jpg

Oak Honey with Ganoderma lucidum

2. Traditional noodle pasta with Goji berry, Boletus, Vegetables.jpg

Traditional noodles pasta with Goji berry, Boletus, and vegetables

3. Risotto with black truffle.jpg

Risotto with Black Truffle

4. Sour frumenty with mushroom.jpg

Sour frumenty with mushroom