Muscle Moose

Contact: Jon Birkett
Email: Phone: 0161 480 3685
Address: Unit 3 Sovereign Business Park, Wyvern Avenue, Stockport, SK5 7DD.

Muscle Moose products appeal to anyone looking for healthier snack and beverage options and is on trend for the predicted continued growth of the health and wellness categories into 2019.

Muscle Moose offers a range of protein snacks and a protein fortified zero sugar energy drink, Moose Juice. Hero products in the Muscle Moose protein snack range include Mountain Chips and Moose Juice. Mountain Chips feature LOWER fat, LOWER carbs and MORE protein than the UK’s leading popped chip and are 22% protein. Moose Juice is a ZERO sugar caffeinated drink with added BCAAs (protein) and B Vitamins. Moose Juice is available in 500ml and 250ml cans and Moose Juice Energy Shots are a condensed version of Moose Juice, increasing opportunity for impulse purchase and maximising use of counter top displays.

Also available in the Muscle Moose range are 1 Minute Mug Cakes and Protein Pancakes, catering to every customer wanting to purchase a healthier alternative, protein fortified snack option.