Munchy Seeds

Munchy Seeds
Lawncourt Harvest Ltd
6a Eastlands Road
IP16 4LL
United Kingdom

A Healthy Blend! Nibble on these delicious mixes of seeds as a healthy protein-rich snack for-on-the-go.

Munchy Seeds is a family run business based in Suffolk and has been the highest profile brand in the UK’s roasted, flavoured and coated seeds market for over 15 years.

They take particular care to create delicious blends using premium quality seeds, gently roasting with natural flavours and coatings.

Munchy Seeds are available in eight tasty varieties. Some are sweet (Honey Seeds, Super Berry), savoury (Omega Sprinkles, Chilli Bites, Sesame Sprinkles Savoury Crunch) chocolate coated (Choccy Apricot & Choccy Ginger) or spicy (Chilli Bites). All are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians plus are packed with masses of flavour and goodness.

Seeds are an excellent natural source of essential vitamins, minerals, oils and protein, so they can be enjoyed as a healthy snack, or used sprinkled over a fresh green salad, soup or stir fry. To find out more, please visit or phone 01728 833004 Happy Munching!

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