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Award winning cultured probiotic kefir drinks. Our refreshing healthy Kefir drinks are made with Greek tradition! Using free-roaming Greek goats’ / Cows’ milk and Water, we lovingly ferment the milk /water with live kefir culture, resulting in a creamy, subtly tart drink with billions of probiotics per serving. Our kefirs have received numerous accolades. In 2018 we have won two Great Taste awards. We were voted Best Healthy Drink by Baby and Mama Beauty and also were shortlisted for the Free From and Nourish awards.

Kefir is a more potent source of beneficial bacteria than yoghurt/supplements and contributes to a healthy gut and strong immune system. This popular alternative is becoming a firm favorite amongst the health conscious and a new essential for any kitchen.

It also contains B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2, phosphorus and easily digestible proteins.

Nothing artificial, all natural. Simply delicious and refreshing.

• Low lactose – easily digestible
• Suitable for all ages
• Dairy intolerant-friendly
• Live probiotic
• Billions of active bacteria
• Sugar- free – low calorie
• 100% preservative-free
• 100% natural ingredients

Available across the UK and Ireland:
Dairy & Goats’ Kefir from £2.99
Vegan Range at £3.19

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