Mindful Bites

Mindful Bites
23 Wimpole Street,
Website: www.mindfulbites.co.uk

At Mindful Bites, we don’t just believe snacking is good for you, we believe the right snacks hold the key to improved wellbeing. It’s all down to our eating behaviours. Snack mindlessly, on nutritionally poor snacks and you experience cravings, sugar highs and mid-afternoon crashes. We’ve all been there.

Inspired by mindfulness and the powerful effect it has on modifying behaviour, we’ve taken inspiration from the latest behavioural and nutritional scientific research to create an entirely new type of snack.

Our snacks deliver the vital nutrients your body needs everyday, with a texture that slows down the rate at which you eat, for greater awareness with every bite.

In other words, our snacks are optimised for everyday living, engineered for you.

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