Micropore Technologies Ltd.

Wilton Centre,
TS10 4RF,
Website: www.Micropore.co.uk

Micropore specialise in the manufacture of membrane emulsification equipment, used for advanced droplet generation. Our patented, precision engineered membranes allow production of near mono-dispersed emulsion droplets, at industrially meaningful quantities.
These food grade, stainless steel membranes are robust and easy to use. Providing high quality emulsions with enhanced stability, reducing creaming, sedimentation and the need for high levels of emulsifiers. The excellent droplet size control characteristics allows applications such as the emulsification of water into chocolate or spreads to reduce fat content, without significantly changing the mouthfeel, flavour or other properties.
Micropore offer a truly scalable system from laboratory bench to pilot to production quantities. These emulsion systems can then also be post processed to create microcapsules, diffusive particles and other delivery systems, which can be used in a wide range of applications from flavour delivery, nutraceuticals and taste masking.
More information available from Service@Micropore.co.uk or David.Palmer@Micropore.co.uk

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