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MEVGAL is one of the largest and oldest dairy industries in Greece in the fresh dairy products sector.

MEVGAL produces and distributes:
• Fresh Pasteurized Milk
• ESL Milk
• Authentic Greek yogurts
• PDO Cheeses
• Desserts and rice puddings, jelly and milk crèmes

It all started in 1950 in a village in Northern Greece, in the heart of the cow´s milk production where 67% of the fresh milk is produced in Greece. MEVGAL´s starting point was Feta Cheese, Yogurt and the distribution of fresh milk in the surrounding area. The freshness and premium quality of raw materials is reflected in the wide array of end products.

Delicious, healthy products, delivered every day to more than 26.000 sales points in Greece with one of the best privately owned distribution networks.

MEVGAL is one of the first dairy industries in Greece that started exporting in 1985. Today we are exporting P.D.O. Feta Cheese, Authentic Greek Yogurts and other Greek Dairy Products to more than 30 countries all over the world, via an organized network of associates, helping to make the healthy Mediterranean diet known worldwide.

The company applies an integrated Quality Management System with consistency at all stages of production based on strict international standards: HACCP, ISO, BRC, IFS, non GMO animal feed, FDA.
MEVGAL´s values have remained the same and non-negotiable for the last 66 years: respect for tradition and dedication to quality, aiming to offer fresh dairy products to thousands of consumers.

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