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Meoru Wine (Wild grape wine)

Name: Lee Daseul
Tel. +82-10-8541-2355
Fax. +82-63-323-2359

Deokyu Winery is located at the foot of Deokyu’s wonderful mountain terrain at Muju. We wanted to resemble the virtue and the cleanliness of Deokyu Mt, so we named “Deokyu”.

We have been brewing Meoru(wild grape) wine through the fermentation of Meoru extract grown at the pollution-free clean area.

Since the production of Meoru wine in 1995, We are recognized as the No.1 of Meoru wine at Korea, for example, we won the Minister’s Award and the Prime Minister’s Award, etc.

We will not be conceited at the present time.

We are striving to improve taste and quality through ceaseless research and development.

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(Deokyu Winery)MujuGucheondong SanMeoruJu-250x250.jpg

MujuGucheondong SanMeoruJu

(Deokyu Winery)MujuGucheondong Meoru wine-250x250.jpg

MujuGucheondong Meoru wine