Marulin Ltd


Marulin is a London-based startup that sources tea from our family farms and our friends from around the world. Our featured selection of teas have exotic Taiwanese tea bases and are especially blended with a British twist. We have both retail-ready products and wholesale tea for your catering needs. With our direct sourcing, tea tents, and packaging, you get a fresher cup of tea.

Whether you own a cafe, restaurant, or hotel, we offer a variety of fresh, directly sourced teas for your food service needs.

We also have specialised tea products, including matcha and other unique tea powders, suitable as an ingredient in fine foods, patisserie, ice cream, bubble tea, packaged food, and bottled drinks. Please contact us for more information.
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Product listing

Emperor Grey.jpg

Marulin Emperor Grey Tea

English Beauty.jpg

Marulin English Beauty Tea

Four Seasons.jpg

Marulin Four Seasons Tea

Lady Orient.jpg

Marulin Lady Orient Tea

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