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Manna creates all-in-one nutritional snacks using abundant, natural, nourishing ingredients - just as Mother Nature intended.  Our small batch made by hand  allows us to offer bespoke collaboration for unique and richer experiences.Our concept is to inspire smart snacking and mindful eating. We are a small but mighty team led by Vanessa Austin. 

We are passionate about your wellbeing. We aim to provide you with a sensory experience. We throw open our arms to the nutrient-dense whole grains, the vitamin-packed fruit and the mineral-filled vegetables that Mother Natures provides in abundance. Our ingredients choices are organic and gluten free super grain cereals.  We choose medjool dates for their natural sweet juicy occuring sugars,  their low/med GI,  fibre richness,  helps to promote slow releasing sustainable energy.  We also add nutrient rich super food boosters for their ability to nourish the body and excite your palate.  We do not use wheat grains which contain the gluten protein.  Soya is another product that we find sabotages natural flavours, therefore we choose not to use it.

Whilst the food industry becomes ever more processed, we promise to deliver natural food creations to entice and excite your taste buds - no additives, no preservatives, no refined flours or sugars, no manufacturing. Just pure, authentic and honest.

Product listing


Luscious Crunchy Energy Balls by Manna


SALTED HAZELNUT CHAI BROWNIELuscious Crunchy Energy Balls by Manna


Zesty Hempseed BarLuscious Crunchy Energy Balls by Manna