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Diego Lopez, Sales Manager
Tel: +41 52 630 0460

Lycored is a global leader in all-natural, color and taste-enhancing ingredients for food and beverages.

Super-stable, vibrant colors from super tomatoes!

Made from natural lycopene extracted from the company’s own custom-bred tomatoes, Lycored’s colorants are tested for stability across multiple applications including flavored waters, UHT treated dairy, juice-based beverages, hard coated confectionery, cheeses, fruit preparations for yogurts, fortified gummies and surimi seafood.

Centered on quality and stability, every member of Lycored’s cast of colors is focused on delivering a stellar performance at every stage, from process to consumer.

From vibrant reds to brilliant yellows and bright oranges, Lycored offers a range of colors from from its cultured tomatoes, as well as from its own strain of Blakeslea Trispora fungus. All are taste neutral, pH independent and highly stable under a wide range of light and high-temperature conditions. All of the range are fully traceable – backward integrated and are non-GMO, allergen free, Kosher and Halal so offer lots of opportunity across vegan and clean label focused opportunities.

Colorful names, memorable performances!

Lycored recently unveiled a series of new, evocative names to identify its high-performance cast of colors from nature, all featuring memorable shade names, reflecting their vibrancy and stability, like SteadfastScarlet™, ConstantCrimson, OrangeOvation,™ GoldHold and StellarYellow™.

Product listing

Resilient Red A.jpg

ResilientRed™ A

ResilientRed C.jpg

ResilientRed C

Streadfast Scarlet A.jpg

SteadfastScarlet™ A

ResoluteRuby A.jpg

ResoluteRuby™ A