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1 Chadwell House
43 Amwell End
SG12 9EJ

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Contact number:‭020 3488 0149‬

We create amazing tasting cold pressed drinks with 100% natural ingredients that work on different areas of the body and explain exactly why those ingredients are essential.

All the information we provide about our drinks is scientifically verified by our research partner Kings College London and our team of Biomedical and Dietetic scientists.

We’re answering questions that consumers are asking.
* What’s in this?
* How does it work for me?
* What do these ingredients do?
We did all the hard work with the science to make it super simple for the consumers. We just explain how each ingredient works and what part of the body it’s really good for… it’s that simple.

Product listing

Heart Front (2).png

Luhv - HEART

Skin Front.png

Luhv - SKIN

Mind Front.png

Luhv - MIND


Luhv - AWAKE

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