Lovely Fodder

Contact details:
Gavin Cox, Founder

Lovely Fodder is a family of food and drinks brands that do good and taste even better including Benefit Drinks, Benefit Chocolate and Cox’s Original Bloody Mary Spicer.

Created in 2006 Lovely Fodder Ltd. is a family owned business that produces and sells a range of products borne out of a simple love of great food and drink. We deliver innovative and unique products that interest consumers and most of all taste fantastic.

Product listing

Cleanse Prune Juice.250.png

Cleanse Prune Juice

Cleanse Prune Juice, Not from Concentrate.250.png

Cleanse Prune Juice, Not from Concentrate

Enrich Carrot Juice.250.png

Enrich Carrot Juice

Vitality Beetroot Juice.250.png

Vitality Beetroot Juice

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