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Lovegrass Ethiopia

Lovegrass Ethiopia is on a mission to share the benefits of Teff with the world through our range of gluten-free health food products made from Ethiopian “Habesha” Teff.

The unique variety of Teff we use is called “Habesha Teff”. We spent years researching the different varieties of Ethiopian Teff grain to single out this specific strain that grows in the mountainous landscape of the Great Rift Valley. We found that Habesha Teff is the most versatile in baking and lends well to other applications including our two most exciting innovations to date: 100% Teff Pasta and Crispy Teff Flakes.

We are one of very few companies (if not the only company) with a licence to export Teff directly from Ethiopia. We have our own farms and production facilities in Ethiopia as well as direct trading relationships with Ethiopian farming cooperatives.