Love Your Inner Self

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With consumer interest in gut-health and sales of probiotic products growing rapidly year on year, Love Your Inner Self is reinventing the category as the only 'clean-label', on-the-go probiotic yogurt drink on-shelf.
It is available in three great-tasting varieties, each containing 10 billion live cultures, all-natural-ingredients, no added sugar and added vitamins.
We have partnered with Probi, a world leader in probiotic research and development. Our drinks contain Probi LP299V®, one of the world's most- researched probiotic bacterial strains with over 50 clinical human trials.
Love Your Inner Self is a caring, nurturing brand - an antidote to the pressures of modern life. Always being on the go takes its toll on gut health, and can lead to feeling out of sync and run-down. The product helps consumers restore the balance of bacteria in their gut, and the brand encourages them to look after themselves 'mind, body and soul'.
Our target audience is broadly urban, health-conscious professionals aged 25-44, with a female skew who believe that consuming natural, nutritious foods is important in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.