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Loux - Marlafekas SA has a history of more than 60 years in the market of soft drinks and 100% natural juices. Its dominant characteristic throughout the years is the absolute respect to the consumer needs, mainly expressed through the strict selection criteria for the best quality ingredients, in order to always generate a unique and remarkable taste. Loux has adopted the sheer mentality of combining fruitfully high quality, passion for development, perception and hard work, which enables it to stand out day by day.

The company operates under ISO 9001 & ISO 22000 trademarks and all the products are Kosher Certified.

Premium quality Greek fruits and an authentic traditional recipe offer unique natural flavors with an intense taste and essence of Greece that make Loux products a high quality choice.

Loux soft drinks come in 8 different flavors: Orange juice drink, Lemon juice drink, Sour Cherry juice drink, Loux Mix (a mixture of three citrus fruits Orange – Lemon – Mandarin), Gazoza, Loux Cola, Soda and Tonic water. A high percentage of natural Greek fruit juices, combined with natural spring water from Kefalovrisso springs and smooth carbonation, offer unique flavors with an intense fruity “taste of Greece”.

Loux Natural juices are made of 100% natural fruit juice with no added sugar or preservatives, containing all the vitamins and nutritional ingredients of fresh fruits.

In addition, Loux has recently introduced the new generation of innovative light soft drinks loux plus' n light, the first light refreshments with only natural sweeteners (fruit sugars, fructose and herbal sweeteners), without any added sugar and 60 % less calories. Willing to expand the exclusive expertise in natural sugar consistency, the company also launched the loux plus ‘n light tea, in peach, red fruit and lemon flavors that follows the philosophy of plus 'n light products, responding to consumer needs for balanced nutrition, while preserving Loux commitment to unrivaled quality, rich flavor and unique pleasure.

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New generation light soft drinks loux plus ‘n light!

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New generation ice tea loux plus ‘n light!

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LOUX soft drinks

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LOUX Juices