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As a vegetarian, I want to offer people an alternative for meat and thereby, provide VEGAN-FOOD in an accessible way.

World Solution Food (WSF) produces delicious food with love and care for nature.
WSF products are produced with organic farming, sustainable packaging, & pure ingredients.

To top if off, it looks delicious & eye catching (which is not unimportant in our industry).
After three years of product design, our LIZZY veganballs have been perfected.
We produce the balls according to the BRC-standards and have the necessary bio certificates.

They are a healthy alternative to the typical meat bitterball
and are at the moment being delivered to UDEA (Netherlands).
We are now looking for more businesspartners to distribute and sell our delicious Belgian veganballs!

We can produce our different food (BRC) based on insects on a very large scale and we hope to distribute them as much and as far as possible.

We hope to inspire the younger generations abroad (Asia and Africa) because unfortunately they are being enormously influenced by our European traditions. They consume massive meat because we are doing this and for them, it looks chic. We can only hope that they are going to look with new eyes at the creatures from their culture because they are so healthy and nutritious. They can provide a solution to the famine worldwide!

By publishing our cookbook, we would like to encourage people to look with a different state of mind towards insects.

We would like to persuade people that insects are very healthy and can be delicious. But our main goal is to culinary inspire people and to encourage them to get started with insects in their own kitchen. Although eating insects is associated with words as distasteful, unhygienic, poorly and dirty, we want to prove otherwise. In our view, insects are culinary interesting, very nutritious, ecologically justified, durable and especially very interesting to integrate in our kitchen.

According to us, insects should be added to our food triangle and in time becoming part of our nutritional pattern. They should be seen in addition of meat and fish but not necessarily as a substitute for meat or fish.

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