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Lionel Hitchen

Tel: (0) 1264 343 300

Lionel Hitchen is an independent, family owned manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of flavour ingredients, for many applications, to the global food and beverage industry:
- Beverages
- Seasonings
- Bakery
- Confectionery
- Dairy

With nature as our inspiration we are driven by an absolute passion for creating outstanding quality, authentic tasting, innovative flavour ingredients for our customers:
- Expert technical support
- High specification, unique products
- Total flexibility
- Tailored product development
- Exceptional customer service

Citrus Specialities
Over 50 years we have developed expertise in a variety of distillation and extraction techniques. By applying these skills to the finest quality oils, we develop and manufacture the very highest quality speciality, concentrated citrus oils.

Herb and Spice Extracts
We source herbs, spices, chillies and botanicals with a focus on quality, availability and originality. From these fabulous natural materials, we manufacture an extensive range of herb and spice extracts in various sweet and savoury formats suitable for a broad range of applications.

Our team of highly experienced flavourists work from a palette of over 3,000 raw materials, many of which are manufactured in-house, giving us the ability to create complex, unique and highly individual flavours. The authenticity of our flavours has earned us a reputation as a world-class supplier to the food and beverage industry.

To find out more about our products and services please visit our website: