Linwoods Ingredients

Contact details:
Paul Lappin
Tel: 07810555921

Linwoods, established in 1965, is a family owned company which manufactures a range of bakery and health food products. With over 20 years’ experience in the bakery industry, Linwoods is now diversifying into wholesale ingredients as a supplier of a premium range of sprouted and stone milled grains and seeds.

Using our expertise from the bakery and health food divisions, Linwoods Ingredients is dedicated to the production of high quality, sprouted and un-sprouted flours, grains and seeds, from our base in the rolling countryside of Co. Armagh.

Our products include:
• Sprouted grains & flours
• Ancient grains
• Stone milled flours
• Pasteurised seeds and nuts

Ingredient directory:
Sprouted bakery ingredients
• Sprouted wheat, whole
• Sprouted wheat, flour
• Sprouted spelt, whole
• Sprouted spelt, flour
• Sprouted rye, whole
• Sprouted rye, flour

Gluten free sprouted ingredients
• Sprouted Quinoa
• Sprouted Buckwheat
• Sprouted Sunflower

Pasteurised Gluten free ingredients:
• Flaxseed, Milled or whole
• Sunflower seeds, Milled or whole
• Pumpkin seeds, milled or whole
• Almonds, whole or grated
• Walnuts, whole or grated
• Sesame seeds, whole

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