Kydonis Olive Oil

P.O. 26 Kavacık
İstanbul Turkey 34810


For generations; our grandfathers who had settled in the Ayvalik region after the population barter from the so called “Kydonies” precincts of Crete, continued to produce and commerce olive oil as they know best. Our brand “ KYDONIS” has been created as a dedication to our family history.

Ayvalik , the North Aegean Region, is very significant to produce not only the best of olive oil in Turkey, but also a very refined and competitive match to the olive oil produced in Crete Region or Tuscany that is known to be the best in the world.

We are trying to keep our anchestor’s culture as the third generation and we have defined ourselves with the mission to introduce the highest quality olive oil we produce in Ayvalik, to the World only with the “gourmet” segments.

Product listing

Early mavi 250.jpg

Early Harvest

Gourmet North 250.jpg

Gourme North

Gourmet South Mor 250.jpg

Gourme South

Organıc 250 yeşil 250.jpg


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