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Cleobury Mortimer
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The challenges faced by bakers are greater now than ever before. The standards in baking are constantly being raised and the demand for healthier baked goods, especially low sodium, increases each year.

Did you know the right baking powder is critical if you wish to produce high quality, healthier baked goods?

Kudos Blends is the industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of technically driven leavening agents. Our innovative baking powders allow bakery manufacturers to produce the highest quality baked goods, whilst also improving the nutritional balance of their products. Add this to the improved consistency, process tolerance and reduced wastage our products can offer and you have the perfect solution for all your leavening needs.

Our dedication to innovation is a key driver in developing our products, which are exclusive to Kudos Blends. These include KUDOS™ SALP replacer, designed to give the same bright, even crumb structure as SALP but with no harmful aluminium and no compromise in quality or taste.

Kudos Blends’ commitment to innovation, quality and service means that you get the product that is right for you.

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KUDOS™ Potassium Bicarbonate

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