Kool Organics

Kool Organics
Veemarkt 117-119
1019 CA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Kool Organics develops tasty honest goodness in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sprouted seed snacks, activated nut granolas, savoury dehydrated kale chips and gluten-free crackers were just the beginning.
Now introducing Rosie & Riffy plant-based, 100% dairy-free, organic and vegan alternatives to cheese.

Rosie & Riffy produce silky smooth, plant-based products. The main ingredient? Nuts. No dairy? Exactly right. Why? Nuts and plants nourish your body and are beneficial for our planet as an added bonus.
Whether it is topped with colourful herbs, a snowy white bloomy rind or even a perfectly timed affinage, we keep it simple, honest and healthy.

Presented on its own, in a salad or used on crusty bread or crackers, our 100% dairy-free nut-based creations provide that one rich component you’ve missed until now. You’ll experience a soft texture that unifies other flavours and adds a twist to whatever dish you’re serving.

Full of flavour, using traditional cheese-making techniques, organically produced and plant-based: that’s Rosie & Riffy.

Product listing


Creamy Cashew Wheels


Aged Cashew


Cashew Camemberti


Creamy Cashew Wheel – Blue Fenugreek

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