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KETTLE® Chips is the UK’s best-loved hand cooked crisp brand, renowned for including ‘Absolutely Nothing Artificial’ in its products. Seasonings are made with real food ingredients, not synthesised in a laboratory, and there’s no added MSG. Last year all seasonings were made gluten free, reflecting the nutritional demands of the modern consumer. KETTLE® Chips’ potatoes are 100% British, and the majority come from within just 30 miles of the factory.

Also on the Kettle Foods stand is Metcalfe’s®, a brand that’s both light-hearted and lighter, with a wide range of under 100 calorie snacks across the Popcorn, Rice Cakes and brand new Corn Chips ranges.

Metcalfe’s® mindfully creates products to ensure that fat, salt and sugar are no more than they need to be for that perfect tasting snack. That goes as far as looking into existing products and reformulating where needed. In 2017 Metcalfe’s® Popcorn won a Sugar Reduction Award for ‘Best Sugar Reduction Through Reformulation’ for its leading Sweet ‘n Salt product, which now includes a beautifully balanced Stevia blend. This change alone has removed around 20 tonnes of sugar from the nation’s diets since the reformulation.

Product listing

Metcalfe's popcorn range - Under 100 Calories.png

Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn® – Sea Salt, Sweet & Salt and Cinema Sweet

Metcalfe's Ricecake range.png

Metcalfe’s® Ricecakes

Metcalfe's - Mini Ricecake range.png

Metcalfe’s® Mini Rice Cakes

Metcalfe's Corn Chips range.png

Metcalfe’s® Corn Chips