Irmãos Monteiro S.A

Irmãos Monteiro S.A. is a Portuguese industrial SME developing operating in the food production sector, namely meat processing and transformation and pre-cooked meals.
The company was founded in 1981 and from then until the present days it has known a steady and successful growth path - both in terms of dimension and production volumes as well as in the diversity of its industrial competences and final products being offered to the market.

Always concerned with complying with food-safety regulations as well as in respecting its social and environmental responsibilities, the company is certified in the key food industry applicable international standards.

The company started its activities very much centred in the domains of meat handling, processing and transformation - namely pork and beef - producing a broad base of products that range from fresh meat, deep-frozen meat and processed meat/delicatessen products, supported by a strong distribution and commercialization network that includes its own brand commercial shops.

While managing its efforts to keep its competitive industrial strength in the meat industry niches in which it began its activity, Irmãos Monteiro very early realized that a key driver for keeping its competitiveness rests upon the ability to promote innovation - both in its industrial processes and technologies as in the products being developed and offered to the market.
It was in this sense that more than a decade ago the company initiated focused efforts towards the diversification of its initial base of products
- a strategy that lead to the development of an internal department specifically targeted at the development of internal competences and technologies for the development and delivery of a new strand of products - the pre-cooked foods.

Aligned with this strategy, a few years ago the company initiated efforts towards the development of non-meat based products with a view to answer to vegetarian consumers that often struggle to find diversity in the range of products offered by the Portuguese market. The approach on this domain being the development of products inspired in meat-based products but done with alternative protein sources.
This is a totally new strand of products for the company but already with positive and encouraging outcomes and products being offered - and well accepted - by the market.

Nowadays the company is proud of the commercial achievements obtained so far in regard to this effort of innovation-based product diversification and a constant investment in R&D and innovation can already be taken as part of the company corporate culture.