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My name is Aneka Grover, founder of Inya-Gold. I am of Indian heritage, born and raised in the UK. I love using typically Indian ingredients in ‘western’ food. Those of Indian origin have always believed in the beneficial properties of particular herbs and spices: turmeric, ginger, cardamom, asafoetida, cumin, fennel. Slowly, their benefits are being recognised here; turmeric has gained almost medicinal status. As someone with multiple allergies and keen to eat well, I began adding these ingredients to my breakfasts and smoothies. I experimented by mixing these and other spices in different bases, to make a great-tasting product which could be added to just about anything.

Thus, Inya-Gold: a unique blend of Indian herbs and spices infused in agave nectar or rapeseed oil. Fully cooked, the products can be used on or in any type of food or drink. The primary herbal ingredient – turmeric – lends a beautiful golden colour, and the flavour is enhanced through ginger, cardamom and notes of pepper. They liven up any dish or drink, and are a great way to incorporate these herbs and spices into the daily diet. The products are organic, vegan, and without allergens or refined sugar; they are truly versatile and unique.

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Thus, Inya-Gold