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Home to a range of thriving industries, Lubelskie is one of the most economically buoyant voivodeships (provinces) in the country. Situated in eastern Poland, Lubelskie Voivodeship is the country’s third-largest province, covering 9,700 square miles. The region is a gateway into both eastern Europe and Asia – the first stop in the EU along China’s “One belt, one road” trade corridor to the West.

Poland’s leader in agri-food production.
Agri-food production is one of the primary industries of the region – 71 percent of the area is farmland. With excellent climate conditions and fertile soil, the Lubelskie Voivodeship produces mainly cereals (wheat, oat and barley), potatoes, industrial crops (sugar beets) and fruit. The region is a leading producer of soft fruit, especially raspberries (75 percent of national output), currants (32 percent) and strawberries (18 percent). It’s also a major producer of hops (83 percent). Agricultural holdings provide inputs for a number of industries, not just ecological fruit and vegetable processing, but also sugar, milling, dairy, meat and tobacco (43 percent). The voivodeship is also a major producer of medicinal plants, apiculture products, distilled beverages and beer. Additionally, it has a well-developed livestock industry of pigs, cattle and horses. With more than 2,000 farms, the region’s burgeoning organic farming sector caters for environmentally conscious consumers as well as suppliers of renewable energy.

A focus on R&D
The province’s vision for smart, sustainable and inclusive GDP growth requires that Lubelskie becomes a bioeconomy – ie, one based on renewable inputs and the large-scale application of biotechnology. To this end, one of the main priorities is to expand its research and development sector. Industries that are already bringing business and science together to great effect in the region include agriculture (food tech), healthcare, IT and green energy.

A wealth of talent
Lubelskie is home to more than 1.3 million people of working age. There are 18 universities in the province and Lublin, the region’s capital and largest city, is the largest academic centre in eastern Poland, offering prospective students a broad selection of courses. Indeed, Lubelskie has one of the largest student populations in Poland: 70,000, of whom 6,600 are foreign. Last year 22,500 people graduated from higher education institutions here.

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