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Taly Nechushtan , CEO- Innovopro E-mail: Tel: +972 98850514

Innovopro is the first company in the world to launch a chickpea protein concentrate under the brand name of CP- Pro 70®, an innovative plant-based protein that adds value to both producers and consumers. It extends customers' choices for clean-label, non-GMO and non-allergenic source of protein and it brings excellent functional properties as well as benefits in terms of nutrition, taste and mouthfeel. Our process, product and uses are described in a patent application that was submitted in 2016.

The advantages of our chickpea protein include a unique combination of properties that is rarely found in one protein product:
• A high quality and digestible protein
• A nutritious and natural binding agent which can be used as an emulsifier, foaming agent or texture improver and is able to replace a variety of currently used additives including additives that are allergenic/animal-based/artificial/gluten-containing (whey, eggs and whey) or modified such as modified starch, maltodextrin and guar gum;
• The product has a very neutral taste and color which allow it to be applied, both as a protein or a binding agent, to clean label products without the need to mask the taste and color with artificial ingredients.
• The production process is highly sustainable with a reduced water and carbon footprint, assisting the industry in meeting its sustainability targets. All of these properties make the chickpea protein significantly different from market-available alternatives. Based on our unique ingredients we develop various food applications such as dairy-free beverages, puddings, mayonnaise, protein bars and more.