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ILSI Europe

ILSI Europe
83 Av. Emmanuel Mounier
BE – 1200 Brussels

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Founded in 1986, ILSI Europe is a science driven non-profit organisation that fosters collaboration among the best scientists from industry, academia and the public sector to provide evidence-based scientific solutions and pave the way forward in nutrition, food safety, consumer trust and sustainability. ILSI Europe’s goal is to build multi-stakeholder science-based solutions for a sustainable and healthier world.

Supported by 52 member companies from the agro-food, the cosmetic, packaging, and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as European Union-funded projects, ILSI Europe brings together scientists with complementary expertise to address public health issues in a precompetitive way and deliver science of the highest quality and integrity. ILSI Europe collaborates with a multidisciplinary network of 850 experts who share their knowledge and perspectives in expert groups, conferences and resulting peer-reviewed publications to facilitate proactive practical solutions and innovation.

Our scientific portfolio covers 6 fundamental themes: Food Safety; Exposure & Intake Assessment; Nutrition, Development & Healthy Ageing; Gut Microbiota & Health; Biomarkers & Functional Effect Measurements; Nutrition Security & Societal Aspects.