HIT - Hub Innovazione Trentino

HIT - Hub Innovazione Trentino
Piazza G.Manci 17
I - 20123 Povo (TN)

Mail: ;

Phone: +39 0461 314057

-Gianluca Carenzo

HIT is a non for profit consortium that promotes the results of research and innovation in the Trentino region in order to support the development of the local economy.

HIT mission is focused in promoting the results of scientific research through technology transfer activities to private companies and investors, supporting stakeholders and Trentino companies in innovation processes and internationalization in national and European networks (eg Cluster Technologies, Eit/KICs, Technology Platforms), stimulating integrated training, infrastructures, skills and services to accelerate innovative and highly technological businesses.

HIT offers a large portfolio of cutting edge technologies, and proposes customized solutions to match technology needs, licensing opportunities on its patent portfolio and corporate landings to host R&D branches working closely with researchers and laboratories.

Agrifood technologies are important for the Trentino ecosystem and you will discover top quality innovation, e.g., in Food quality, Nutrition and health, Metabolomics and nutrigenomics, genetic improvements, Food traceability and precision agriculture.

With a high skilled staff of professionals in technology transfer, please visit our website and discover a wide range of possibilities to increase your business opportunities.

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