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harmonica has set standards in the organic food business in Bulgaria for over a decade now, making food the right way - tasty and organic, honest and simple.

Today we have over 120 products under the harmonica brand, thanks to the growing network of people - farmers, producers, food technologists - working together to make it happen. We believe that in life and in business, you have to be able to trust and empower others in order to work and grow together. And at the end of each year we look at one number: the hectares of organic land that have been necessary for our production. Each year this number has been growing.

Today our products are available in more than 15 countries under the harmonica brand or as private label.

Our story is proof that you don’t have to compromise with your convictions to be successful. Being 100% organic is our mandatory minimum. Quality, consistency and taste are our number one marketing and sales tool. Loyal partnerships with one supplier or farmer per region. Independent by choice - it’s our freedom to explore new ways.

Product listing

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Wholegrain Wheat Sticks

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Einkorn Wheat Sticks

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Wheat Sticks


Wheat Pretzels