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Our new drink is called 'Slange Var', Scottish Gaelic for ‘Cheers – to your good health’. It has a refreshing lime, ginger and honey flavour that’s ideal if you’re unhappy with the number of sugary and calorific soft drinks in the market. Try Slange Var if you're cutting back on alcohol and are looking for a drink that should be sipped slowly.

Slange Var has only 15 calories per glass and can be drunk on its own or diluted with fizzy water.

Since the late 1990s, beekeepers have reported dramatic declines in the honeybee population, citing pollution, pesticides and global warming as possible causes. That's why one of the ingredients of Slange Var is an award-winning honey from our supplier, Plan Bee Ltd, a company that's dedicated to supporting bees through their managed bee-hive service. The producers of Slange Var and other businesses throughout Scotland are working with Plan Bee by sponsoring bee-hives.

So, if you want to look after your taste buds, waistlines and our honey bees, please treat yourself to Slange Var.

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Slange Var

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