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Gregory's Tree

Instagram: @gregorystree

Gregory’s Tree bring an extraordinary new twist to snacking, with more inspiring, healthier snacks for everyone on the go.

Our blueberry & raspberry and organic strawberry fruit twists are great tasting, organic, gluten free, vegan and 60 calories a pack. There is no added sugar or other funny stuff.

We take the best organic fruit, gently pulp it, lightly heat it and twist it into delicious snacks. And because Gregory’s Tree snack bars are all fruit, the natural fructose gives you a sustained energy release, unlike the quick burning empty calories found in biscuits, cakes and chocolates.

Richard Moore, Founder:
“I love snacks but couldn’t find one that was healthy, great tasting and gave me a long-term energy boost. Everything was fig, cereal or nut based and I wanted something that had all the flavour and goodness of fruit with the ease of snacking. I wanted a snack that gave me a lasting pick-me-up, or to ‘Beat the Dip® as we call it.Gregory’s Tree are for busy people who want great tasting, healthy food on the go, as a reward, a treat or to make social moments a little bit more enjoyable.”

Gregory’s Tree are for people who live life with a twist.