Colostrum UK Ltd,
25 Giles Coppice,
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The Golden Dairy has been established in Pembrokeshire to produce spray-dried organic colostrum powder (first milk) sold under the ‘Neovite’ brand. Neovite has been marketed by Colostrum UK for the last 16 years using imported product. Our plant is the first in UK to produce this valuable food. Colostrum has been shown to have extensive digestive and immune boosting properties. Creating production in West Wales means that we can offer the best possible product from pasture fed herds and provide additional income for the dairy farmers.

Colostrum has been used to maintain health and fitness by top athletes like the British and Irish Lions Rugby Team. Customers include Olympic medallists, World Champions, Premiership Football Champions and world record breakers. We have conducted a number of studies with Aberystwyth University Sports Science Department that have been published in eminent journals such as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. These show improvements in gut barrier function during heat stress and reduced incidence and severity of respiratory infections during winter months. Current research at Swansea University is looking at the benefits for diabetics and in 2018 we will be investigating Crohn’s disease in adolescents in a large scale study funded by the NHS.

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