Goddess Nutrition

Muscle Corp Ltd
PO Box 6437
Stratford Upon Avon
CV37 1QS
United Kingdom

Goddess Nutrition is a UK based fitness lifestyle brand created specifically for the active woman. We aim to empower women across all sports and fitness levels - whether you’re a professional athlete or you just like the idea of looking after your body and keeping fit, you’ll find every Goddess Nutrition product packed full of scientifically proven ingredients, bursting with flavour and with a perfect blend of female-friendly vitamins and minerals vital for supporting an active lifestyle.

The Goddess Nutrition brand was first formed back in 2015 when the founders discovered a niche in the market for high quality gender tailored sports supplements, particularly in the UK market. After years of importing sports supplements from abroad they decided to form their own fitness lifestyle brand dedicated to helping women reach their personal fitness goals through the use of high quality, gender tailored, professional sports supplements alongside their individual fitness and training regimes.

At Goddess Nutrition we are not only researchers and developers, we are fitness and nutrition enthusiasts with a mission to deliver scientifically designed, high quality, beneficial products into the ever expanding sports nutrition industry; and for these products to help satisfy the nutritional needs of all types of exercisers, from beginners to professional athletes.

Product listing

Goddess Complete Recovery.jpg

Complete Recover Lean Protein

Goddess Complete Meal Replacement.jpg

Complete Slimming Meal Replacement

Goddess BCAA Boost.jpg

BCAA Boost

Goddess Pre Workout.jpg

Maximum Strength Pre-Workout

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