Go Faster Food Ltd

Go Faster Food Ltd
10 Freeland Place
BS8 4 NP
United Kingdom
Website: www.gofasterfood.com

Go Faster Food was created in 2010 by sports nutrition cook Kate Percy, author of the best selling Go Faster Food recipe books. Kate Percy’s Go Bites® are totally tasty bite-sized energy balls expertly tailored by Kate to deliver the right type of energy at the right time. Made from 100% natural ingredients, they are all wheat free, dairy free and gluten free. Shortlisted for the FreeFrom Food Awards 2017, two of the three varieties are also vegan, and they’re all Coeliac UK Certified.

Kate Percy’s Go Bites® are available in three flavours and are fast selling in independent health food shops, sports shops, online and in Holland & Barrett. With three balls in a packet, they’re truly delicious and surprisingly filling - the perfect smart snack for every day!

Kate Percy is passionate about the link between eating well, feeling good and performing better – both mentally and physically. Kate’s advice and products are used by thousands of every day sports lovers as well as aspiring athletes such as the GB Youth Winter Olympic Development Squad. She is the “Food Guru” for Athletics Weekly, Great Run and Running Magazine, and creator of the very successful #Eat-like-an-athlete education programme for schools and sports clubs.

Product listing

KP Go Bites Boost (W)2 BALL.jpg

Kate Percy’s Go Bites: Date and Coconut BOOST

KP Go Bites Refuel (W)2 BALL.jpg

Kate Percy’s Go Bites: Apricot and Seeds REFUEL

KP Go Bites Recover (W)2 BALL.jpg

Kate Percy’s Go Bites: Chocolate and Hazelnut RECOVER

KP Go Bites Triple2 BALLS.jpg

Kate Percy’s Go Bites

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