Gluten Free Flour Company

Gluten Free Flour Co
28 Grange Avenue
United Kingdom

I never set out to have a flour business!

As a late career change, I decided to do a degree in nutrition. In my final year, I worked out that Ian’s health problems were related to gluten. It turned out that he had coeliac disease. So we went shopping - and we were really disappointed in the breads we could buy. I had always baked our own bread and even kept my own sourdough culture. In that first year after his diagnosis, I set about making the best gluten free bread that I could (and other nice things as well). Then I began to teach what I had learnt to other gluten free people.

Eventually, I felt I needed my own blend of flour to make breads, cakes and pastry the best they could be so that was the beginning of the Gluten Free Flour Co. And after that, it was only a matter of time before I realised that not everybody has time to bake from scratch. So I invented a really easy, artisan style, fantastic tasting white bread mix without loads of additives that you can simply tip into a bowl and make brilliant bread with. It’s dairy free and vegan too.

We have called this mix Alevra and hope that it is the first in a long line of lovely gluten free products.

Product listing

Plain flour Mix.jpg

Gluten Free Flour

GF White Bread Mix.jpg

Alevra Gluten Free White Bread Mix

Gluten Free Flour.jpg

Alevra Gluten Free Flour

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