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Contact person:
Per Gunnarsson Deputy CEO and Head of Sales & Marketing
Phone: +46 701 088 998

“Say hello to a world of smoothness”
Let´s get straight to the point.
Oats and oat bran have unique health and nutritional properties. But up until now it has been difficult to include the complete content of insoluble fiber in smooth and attractive liquid foods.
With Glucanova´s oats for liquid foods you will be able to produce high-fibre liquid foods and beverages with un-compromised smoothness, mouth feel and taste. All the goodies from the oats will be present in your final product, including the insoluble fiber. We offer off the shelf-ingredients as well as tailored products to suit your requirements. In most cases, your existing processing facility will be able to do the job.

“Discover versatility on a brand new level”
The Glucanova technology facilitates the inclusion of a wide range of oat bran, whole grain oats and other oat fractions in beverages and other liquid foods, like ice creams, smoothies, custards and spreads. Our technology is based on a careful selection of oat raw materials, in combination with a unique bio-processing method.

With its excellent nutritional profile, health promoting effects and superior taste and texture, oats has a strong competitive advantage over other cereals. Glucanova´s proprietary process allows the production of foods where characteristics such as sweetness, viscosity, fermentability, and fiber content can be adjusted to meet a wide range of requirements. The palatability improvements have resulted in new levels of sensory qualities, and opens totally new opportunities for high fibre liquid food innovation. A growing number of our ingredients can also be delivered as “organic”.

All our oat-based ingredients presented below can be adapted to your specific requirements. We can also help in the development of final new, innovative, tasty and healthy final consumer concepts.