Global Food Security – Resilience of the UK’s Food System

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Global Food Security, the UK cross-government programme on food security research, has launched a major interdisciplinary research programme “Resilience of the UK food system in a global context” (GFS-FSR). Co-designed by funders and stakeholders, it aims to help policymakers and practitioners optimise the resilience of the UK’s food system to environmental, biological, economic, social and geopolitical shocks.
Key facts:
• The GFS-FSR programme aims to enhance the UK’s food security by increasing the ability of the food system to withstand biological, environmental, and socioeconomic shocks in a changing world. Interdisciplinary research will help inform policy and practice.
• GFS-FSR receives £14.5 million from the BBSRC, ESRC, NERC and Scottish Government for collaborative research projects and research coordination, knowledge exchange and impact delivery.
• GFS-FSR will help address the global food security challenge and meet the rising demand for food in ways that are environmentally and socially acceptable while ensuring resilient food systems in the UK.
• GFS-FSR will improve peoples’ wellbeing through developing interventions for influencing behaviour change towards healthier and more sustainable food choices.

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