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Already many years ago the Manfredi family dedicated itself to the typical specialties of our land: Calabria (Italy). Our fim is located in Catanzaro. Today, as then, we offer you some excellences of our tradition, made as in the past, with the same care.

We prepare, with quality ingredients, recipes that are part of the true tradition to make you enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean, with its unique aromas, flavors and products. The Morzello, the Tripe, the Pork Stew, the Parmigiana, the Lasagna ‘Nduja and Tropea onion, the Aubergine Rolls with spaghetti, the Caponata (a dish of fried seasoned vegetables served as an appetizer), are part of our history and we offer them today in a convenient container, to be heated for a few minutes. Our products are prepared by hand, with selected ingredients from the territory. Genius Gastronomia is haute cuisine of Italian tradition immediately on the table.

Details our products:
Ready meals (first and main courses):
· Lasagna: the typical Italian Lasagna.
· Lasagnawith ‘Nduja and Tropea onion: Lasagna in a Calabrian version, enriched by the unique flavor of ‘Nduja, the traditional spreadable spicy salami.
· Tripe: meat calf, cut in stripes, with tomato sauce.
· Pork Stew: bonneless pork, cut into ¾ inch cubes, with tomato souce.
· Morzello: meat calf, cut in stripes, with tomato souce.
· Parmigiana: the typical Italian Parmigiana with aubergines.
· Aubergine Rolls with spaghetti:a particular specialty prepared with a slice of aubergine that wraps the typical Italian spaghetti with tomato sauce.
· Caponata: a dish of fried seasoned vegetables served as an appetizer.

Our products are cooked and placed in comfortable container, without use of preservatives and dyes and can be heated in microwave to 500° for 3 minutes. They can be stored in refrigerator (0-4°C) for up to four months.

Product listing

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Parmigiana di Melanzane

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Morzello - Spezzatino di Maiale - Trippa