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GATO & Co believe you can have your cake and eat it too with our new range of creative, guilt-free puds. By banishing refined / processed food and embracing nutritious ingredients, we have revolutionized dessert: For us, indulging your sweet tooth doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and eating healthily doesn’t mean to stick to cucumber and kale: Our pots provide a moment of nutritious joy with a splash of creative fun.
Our promise is that each pot is made of 100% natural ingredients, always contains less than 220 calories (that’s less than 4 dates!), and is free from sugar, gluten and dairy. We are proud of the ingredients we use from the best almonds, chia seeds, turmeric, coconut oil, along with the purest dark chocolate, as they make each pot a heavenly haven of health.
We have 3 delicious flavours: A rich Chocolate & Aubergine Fondant, an indulgent Chocolate & Coconut Brownie, a moist & tangy Orange & Cardamom Polenta Sponge. Tuck in! It's guilt free :-)

- Sugar free: Our puds are naturally sweetened by fruits, honey and coconut
- ~50% less calories and sugars per pot than standard individual puddings
- Gluten & dairy free
- 100% natural
- Nutrient-rich ingredients: Fruits, nuts, superfoods & even vegetables
- High in proteins
- Absolutely NOM

Product listing

Chocolate and aubergine Fondant.jpg

Chocolate & Aubergine Fondant with Spirulina

Orange and Cardomom Polenta Cake.jpg

Orange & Cardamom Polenta Sponge with Turmeric

Chocolate and Coconut brownie.jpg

Chocolate & Coconut Brownie with Chia Seeds

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