6th Floor, Blackfriars House
England M3 2JA

Foodmaestro’s mission is to help consumers answer the simple question, “Can I eat this?”. Using personalized dietary information, we address the “friction” between the increasingly health conscious consumer and food retailers looking to meet the needs of this growing segment. On average, 60% of suitable products are excluded from retail filters. Foodmaestro helps consumers find those products quickly and easily.

Dietary needs are an increasingly important element for consumers. Price, taste and convenience are no longer the key drivers of a decision. The ability to leverage data and digital solutions to reduce time, provide instant validation, and also guide consumers to undiscovered suitable products creates value for the consumer, retailer and manufacturer.

Foodmaestro equips retailers and manufacturers with the data and platform required to aid their consumers in a personalised shopping experience with a data pool ranging across Europe, UK & North America. Partnered with industry leaders such as Nielsen Brandbank, Deloitte, Coeliac UK, King’s College London & Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust, Foodmaestro empowers tens of thousands of consumers with medical conditions through mobile to manage their complex condition whilst enabling major retailers to better serve their consumer.

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